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Home Energy Checks

Home Energy Rating Scheme (HERS)

What are Home Energy Ratings about? A Home Energy Rating is an assessment of the energy efficiency performance of a home. The Goverments Homestar Energy Rating scheme is a free basic online tool you can use yourself but it is reliant on a energy efficient item performing normally. It is aiming to make home owners more aware of the energy performance of their homes. A qualified (HERS) Assessor can carry out an a much more detailed assessment of your home. It will include the building itself and rates its energy performance, how well the building's design, materials, construction and orientation enables it to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Your qualified (HERS) Assessor evaluates the home, then generates a report showing the energy performance of the home and professional recommendations as to the most cost effective ways in which your home's energy efficiency and therefore its rating can be improved. The HERS Energy Rating scheme is no longer used much due to the costs, but the knowledge gained from this training has been very usefully when conducting Infrared Home Energy Checks which concentrates more on finding faults such as missing insulation or accessing why a building is not performing as it should. Energy Check inspections are about having better information to help bridge the gap into a warmer, healthier, and more cost-effective home, whether buying, building, renting, renovating or otherwise.

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Infrared Home Energy Checks

Are the walls in your home properly insulated? Are you sure? By viewing the thermal patterns of an insulated wall or ceiling with our Infrared Camera we can see where the issues are. When a wall is properly insulated surface temperatures on the wall should be at a relatively consistent temperature. In the winter, generally heat will be escaping from the interior to the exterior but it is important to remember that the opposite can also happen. As can be seen in the photos above taken in the summer the heat is coming in through the areas that have missing and/or poorly fitted insulation. This temperature difference will be seen with the infrared camera as a thermal anomaly in a different colour or shade compared to the rest of the insulated wall or ceiling. Knowing if and where any insulation is missing or poorly fitted and correctly re installing the insulation can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the home and reduce power usage.

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Air Leaks Around Windows

Do you feel drafts or have areas of your home that are never comfortable in? Depending on the age of the structure and the building practices at the time it was built, air leaks could be costing you more than you think. By allowing uncontrolled air to enter or enter or exit the building envelope, you are greatly reducing the effectiveness of your insulation and any heating cooling systems must work harder to compensate for the loss to maintain your comfort level. Working harder and running more often increases costs and wear on the system. A heat pump for instance may have to run a 20% longer to compensate for air leaks. With our infrared camera we can identify these areas. Once you know where the air loss is occurring, rectifying the leaks can really improve the thermal performance and comfort level of the home.

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Appliance Checks

Oli heater in infrared

Want to know how much electricity your Appliances are using? It's easy with our "Centameter" electricity monitor. Our portable, easy to read, "Centameter" LCD monitor, displays the estimated cost per hour and energy being used by the selected appliance. The total amount of energy usage of the building can also be monitored. The "Centameter" helps you to save power by showing which Appliances use the most electricity. You can adopt new energy saving practices and reduce your power bill accordingly. The "Centameter" is an innovative new product designed to show you just how much electricity is costing in real time.

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