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Other Infrared Services

Veterinary Applications

Veterinary applications are becoming more popular, the most popular is equine thermography and that is the detection of problems that arise with horses. Infrared Cameras can be used for injury examination, find stress fractures and lameness that can be invisible to the human eye. This horse was later found to have a stone imbedded in his foot that had previously been undetectable until shown by the Infrared Image as a hot spot.

Horse Horse Horse

Thermal Imaging May Have Saved Cats Life

Infrared LH photo below showing a cat with a sore foot. The RH photos below and taken with the Infrared camera enabled us to locate a missing cat that was trapped in a flat roof area of a garage. The cat had been missing for three days and could be heard meowing but the exact location could not be pinpointed until viewed in Infrared. As time was of importance I unscrewed the roof directly above and was able to extract the cat unharmed and replace the roof without causing any damage.

No indication of cat location Infrared image clearly showing location of Cat Roof was unscrewed to get cat out


This Elephant was restless, the thermal image below revealed a sore right foot. That was also causing his left shoulder to become inflamed as a result of him putting extra weight onto his left leg.

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Tank Level Detection

Liquid and sludge levels in storage tanks can be seen in infrared. Leaks can be detected early and sludge levels monitored, avoiding costly failures and downtime during peak periods.

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Cup water

Medical Thermal Imaging Applications

Medical injury examinations for whiplash, back injuries, Carpal Tunnel syndromeDisease evaluation - breast cancer, arthritis and many more. Dentistry, tempo mandibular jaw dysfunction and more. Sports injuries evaluation, and therapy progress.

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Sore Finger

Automotive Applications

Infrared has a wide range of uses in the motor racing world such as suspension and tire contact diagnostics, brake and engine systems evaluation for performance and cooling efficiencies.

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Go-cart Race Car Race Tyre

Marine Applications with Thermal Imaging

Infrared can be used to locate moisture issues and delamination problems in boats, launches and ships with a thermal imaging inspection. The RH two photos below enabled the tracking of a leak back to a fitting on the upper level deck of a launch.

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Infrared Launch Inspection Infrared used to find leak in Launch

Aircraft Applications Utilising Infrared Technology

Composite aircraft materials are extremely sturdy and lightweight. However, the honeycomb structure of these materials presents a potentially dangerous problem, water ingress. It has been discovered that certain control surfaces absorb water into the honeycomb structure. The problem is aggravated by the effects of lightning and hail, which cause barely visible impact damage. The water enters the honeycomb and freezes when the aircraft is at high altitude. Thermography can be an indispensable tool for inspecting planes for this problem. After the plane has landed, the ice remains at 0°C while it is melting. This provides an ideal opportunity to search for the ice pockets with our Infrared Camera while the plane is being serviced.

Thermal Image showing water ingress (dark areas)
on illustrated section of aircraft

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Pipeline and Hydraulic Pipe Infrared Inspections

Leak detection, stress cracks, insulation problems, sludge build up. The LH infrared photo below revealed a blocked hydraulic pipe on a large generator.

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There are many more instances when thermography can be utilised. Here are a few:


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Pulp and Paper

Thermal image above revealed a oveheating roller.

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Steam Turbine and Hydroelectric Generators

Miscellaneous Applications

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